CRaSH – A JVM shell

Today I have run into CRaSH.

The so called Common Reusable SHell (CRaSH) is an application that provides you shell access to your JVM.

This really seems to be a promising approach to JVM interaction or monitoring on a low-level. From an operations perspective there is always some necessity to easily monitor your application or even follow the JVM activities like threads, gc, memory etc.

Apart from simply monitoring I have always been looking for a comfortable tooling set to even modify the runtime behaviour of my deployed applications in production environment.

Now with CRaSH a handy tool comes in place which realizes the idea of some sort of “shell” to the JVM level. By writing Groovy scripts or classes I would even be able to develop own useful commands. Quite a powerful feature which needs to be explored extensively.

Cheers !!!!


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